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Zirconia Crown and Bridge Solutions

IDA offers three core varieties of Zirconia products for Dentists.

Each Zirconia solutions delivers compelling benefits and have been used by the professionals at IDA and in dental practices across the country for many years.

IDA Zirconia Crown and Bridge Solutions

At IDA, our Zirconia Crown and Bridge products cater to the needs of all dental practice requirements.

Zirconia Bridge

Zirconia Full-Strength

For the heavy bruxers, Zirconia Full-Strength Zirconia crowns provide a resilient solution that can withstand the test of time. It is the first choice for those who want a crown and bridge solution that is notoriously strong or for dental situations where there the occlusal space is limited.

Zirconia is renowned as one of the most popular brands of full-contour Zirconia solutions in the U.S.



ZircHT high translucency is an IDA-certified product with a lifetime guarantee and a firm favorite with dental practitioners across the country. It is also a durable and strong Zirconia crown and bridge solution.

This product is made exclusively onsite in IDA’s dental laboratories and delivers an unrivaled shade accuracy to ensure stunning esthetics. The turnaround time is exceptionally quick making it a great choice for Dentists looking for high-quality, quick custom crown solutions for their practice.



ZircMulti is a multi-layered zirconia offering a gradient shade transition for beautiful esthetics.

ZircMulti is twice as strong as max and offers a comparable esthetic result.

Esthetics are beautiful and extremely natural.

IDA Custom Shade Area

The Advantages of a Zirconia Dental Restoration

There are plenty of benefits of Zirconia-based restorations, at IDA, we have carefully selected three leading brands that offer the complete solution for Dental Practices looking to source the best Zirconia dental solutions for use with their patients.

Zirconia restorations can:

  • Replace a single missing tooth or an entire set of teeth in the mouth
  • Be a much stronger solution compared with traditional porcelain solutions
  • It gives patients a natural appearance which can either improve or resemble the original
  • Help to rectify issues with crooked teeth
  • It can help to restore damaged or broken teeth back to their original shape
  • Help to resolve issues with inefficient chewing
  • Be a highly efficient way to mask teeth which are discolored
  • Present a great solution for patients that may have issues with clenching or grinding
  • Can help to close smaller gaps that exist between the teeth
  • Be highly resistant to staining from tea, coffee, wine, and smoking.
Best Dental Lab Technology

Benefits of a Zirconia Crown

A Zirconia Crown can be used for a partial restoration or a complete replacement. Essentially, a Zirconia Crown will cover the exterior part of a tooth all the way down to a patients gum line. They can be layered with porcelain in order to blend into the natural coloring of the surrounding teeth. Similar to a Porcelain Crown, a Zirconia Crown is usually ideal in scenarios where the majority of the natural tooth has been eradicated or perhaps fractured in some type of trauma.

The biggest benefits for the utilization of Zirconia Crowns can be found in patients who are dealing with the severe wearing of a tooth through clenching, grinding or even acid erosion. Because Zirconia is incredibly strong, this makes it the ideal material to use in such cases; it also completely reduced any wear on the surrounding tooth.

The main advantage can be seen in people with severe tooth wear from acid erosion or from grinding or clenching one’s teeth.  Since zirconia is very strong and minimizes wear on the opposing teeth, it is an ideal material to use for people who are hard on their teeth.

In people with a history of grinding or clenching, pure zirconia crowns are usually indicated.

Benefits of a Zirconia Bridge

A Zirconia bridge can either replace single or multiple missing teeth in the mouth and utilize the surrounding teeth as a foundation for the overall structure. A singular Zirconia Bridge is a good option for people who may be or may have been smokers, people who have poor bone availability, people with uncontrollable Diabetes, for those looking to save money or even for those people who need to replace missing teeth but whom do not wish to undergo any type of surgical procedure.

The materials used in a Zirconia Bridge make it ideal for dental bridge treatments due to the sheer strength and durability of the material. It usually depends on the specific location of the site where the teeth are missing and the individual esthetic requirements that a patient may have as to the suitability for the placement of a Zirconia bridge. Another very appealing aspect of the Zirconia Bridge is the accuracy of the fitting. Due to the fact, the bridge is milled entirely from a solid block, and the fusion process is oven-fired; this makes the process one that is driven by precision.

It is also possible to place porcelain on the front of the bridge in order to provide patients with a more natural-looking fitting that is exceptionally hard to detect from any of the surrounding teeth.

The IDA Difference

IDA has two world-class dental laboratories in Tulsa and Oklahoma City providing some of the best dental crown and bridge services for Dental clinics throughout the U.S.

With one of the largest dental labs in the country and a devoted team of ceramists and dental professionals; we are proud of the astute reputation that we have built over our 30+ years in business.

If your practice is looking for a supplier of Zirconia Crowns or Bridges, you cannot find a better business to partner with.

Our successes are those of our customers, and we do everything we can, every day, to ensure that each and every person and practice we work with have their expectations met and surpassed whenever they deal with us.

We provide high-quality solutions for professionals who demand nothing short of excellence.