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Are you ready to bring your practice into the 21st Century?

IDA offers the latest in digital technology choices for dental practices across the country. We stay abreast of the latest dental innovations and work with globally-renowned brands including Roland Mills, Cerec MCXL InLab Mills, CEREC®, Cadent iTero™, TRIOS®, and Carestream. Each of these systems offer extremely accurate models, quicker impression taking time, and result in less time spent chairside at the seating appointment.

IDAs Digital Technology helps you to provide the very best solutions for your patients and streamlines processes from start to finish.

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CEREC® Connect 3-D Modeling

Modern technology enables a direct connection between IDA and your dental practice.

Using CEREC® Connect, you can design crowns remotely. You can then either mill the crowns chair-side or send the file to IDAs dental lab for on-site milling and finishing. The choice is completely yours.

Whether you need to transmit an image of a multi-unit bridge or anterior restoration to our lab, or you enjoy the ease of having IDA make a crown that demands a little extra attention to detail: CEREC® Connect links you to IDA with the click of a button.

Take the headache out of your restorations with IDA and Cerec 3D.

Cerec 3D


IDA Dental Lab Technician

Cadent iTero™

Intraoral scanning made easy.

Cadent iTerao replaces the tray method with a simple and efficient photo process.
Simply take a series of pictures, upload the images to Cadent, and the models arrive at our lab within two days.

No more lengthy cleanup’s required, and you get a more productive and cost-effective process for your patients and your practice.

Additional Benefits:

  • Bypass the powder application process
  • The wand can rest on the teeth for easy scanning
  • Scans can be performed by a single operator
  • Become fully proficient after just 8 to 10 scans
  • 80% of Dentists delegate some or all of their scanning to a Dental Assistant
  • The open digital workflow ensures seamless integration with labs, CAD/CAM systems, and validated implant solutions, including Straumann and Biomet 3i1
  • Exclusive integration with Invisalign increases the efficiency of your practice

Reliable Results You Can Depend On:

At IDA, we provide our clients with innovative solutions and supreme customer care. 

Our wide range of products and services ensure that we are able to help our dental practices find the best solutions for their individual needs.  

The success of our business is directly in line with the success of our Dentists and their Patients. We care about the same things that matter to you. 

If you have a question about any IDA product, please contact us.

Our team is standing by to help answer your questions.

TRIOS® Real Color®

TRIOS® is an award-winning global brand in the digital impression solutions sector. At IDA, we are proud to offer the 3Shape TRIOS Intraoral scanner as a comprehensive digital solution that makes scanning a breeze.

With new enhanced colors, TRIOS lets you easily identify true preparation margins and better evaluate the clinical situation more quickly.

The TRIOS® software has been optimized to provide more details in the scan, particularly around the margin line, making it easier to determine and place the margin line more accurately.

Benefits of TRIOS

• Using a TRIOS system in your practice delivers a range of benefits to you and your clients.
• Ability to connect TRIOS to Wi-Fi to a TRIOS cart as well as laptops
• Remarkably quick scanning speeds
• Better scanning precision
• More comfortable scanning process for patients
• Reduction in chair time
• Negates the need to have a cable connection between the computer and the scanner
• Outstanding colors with in-built shade measurement with HD-quality images

Take high definition photos as you scan for case documentation and communicating with patients. Your HD photos are automatically packaged and sent along with the digital impression.

Trios Real Color

CareStream 3500 scan

CareStream CS 3500

Interoral Colour Scanning in 2D and 3D.

With the CS 3500 intraoral scanner, dental practitioners can easily acquire true color 2D and 3D images that can be used with CS Restore software to design restorations at a practice.

With no requirement for an external heater, powder or trolley system; the CS 3500 features high-angulation scanning of up to 45 degrees and works to a depth from -2 to +13mm.

Additionally, the CS 3500 features a unique light guidance system that aids in the capture of data during the image acquisition process.

Precision Milling

Precision milling offers a variety of advantages, including consistency in fit and overall uncompromising quality.

At IDA, we use milling units for a variety of products:

  • Wax Coping
  • Full Contour Wax
  • BruxZir
  • Emax
  • Temporaries
  • Placement Jigs for Implant Cases.

At IDA, we use Roland Mills as well as Cerec MCXL InLab Mills.

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