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Gen4D Lucitone® Printed Dentures

IDA is proud to be the first company to bring digitized removables to the Tulsa dental community.

As an award-winning dental laboratory, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry, and the introduction of the Gen4D Lucitone® Print Digital Denture is something the team is incredibly excited about.

What are the benefits of digital dentures?

Digital Dentures utilize CAD/CAM technology to produce dentures quicker, easier, and at a much lower cost compared to other traditional methods. The fabrication process makes the product more accurate, and this can result in less chair time and fewer patient visits.

The Benefits of the Gen4D Lucitone® Print Digital Denture


  • Available in five different shades
  • Extremely durable bond strength 
  • Excellent wear resistance 
  • Easy replacements due to digital record
  • Superior stability 
  • Consistent shade results 

A Gen4D Digital Denture can be placed in very few appointments. 

The Latest, Most Innovative Technology in Removable Dental Restoration Products

Imagine achieving a perfectly fitted denture for your patient.

Now imagine replacing those dentures almost immediately when the patient loses or damages them. Does this seem far-fetched?

Not anymore.

International Dental Arts Incorporated is the first and only dental lab in the Midwest to offer Gen4D digital dentures from Lucitone®.

This innovative product revolutionizes the way dentures are made AND saves you and your patients valuable time.

With Gen4D you get more strength, more predictability, and more profitability.

The Lucitone® Digital Print 3D Denture Resin is formulated to resist breakage due to its unique formula, which delivers high-impact resistance and flexural strength.

Using Dentsply IPN 3D denture teeth, the Gen4D offers a look that is both beautiful and extremely durable.

The denture itself is available in five shades — making the Gen4D a big confidence booster for patients.


Gen4D digital dentures
dental technology creating 3d digital dentures

Using Body Activated Material (BAM) Technology, the Lucitone® Digital Print 3D Denture Resin features smart technology permitting the denture to respond to body temperature and harden in the mouth.

This process gives the Gen4D twice the strength of conventional dentures.

Carbon 3D Technology equips the Lucitone® Gen4D with precision level accuracy and extreme durability.

Additionally, it offers an exceptional resolution surface finish and incredible aesthetics.

The entire Gen4D process is streamlined and done in very few appointments. The efficient process looks like this:

  • Standard PVS impressions and records are taken.
  • A bite block is delivered and requires a wash inside to
    ensure fit and position.
  • Try-in is delivered.

Give yourself and your patients the gift of more time and a modern, premium product of unmatched quality.

Contact IDA today at 1-800-741-0002 for pricing and details.

Feature Spotlight 

Lucitone® has developed an incredible reputation as a market leader with its world-class products and robust materials.

With the Gen4D Digital Denture, they continue their success by offering a product with equally comparable strength.

Here’s an overview of the features offered by this particular digital denture product.


  • Body Activated Materials – BAM

The Gen4D Digital Denture immediately responds to a patient’s body temperature with BAM incorporated into their design.

This increases the fracture-resistance of the product while offering a notable decrease in crack propagation.


  • IPN 3D™ 

These are digital-ready teeth, designed uniquely for printed dentures.

They provide a useful and highly versatile combination of function, aesthetics, and performance while offering superior stain resistance.


  • Lucitone® Digital Print™ 3D Denture Resin

Offered in five different shades, including Original, Original Opaque, Light, Light-Reddish, Dark-Reddish, and Pink.

This innovative resin actually exceeds the current ISO requirements and offers enhanced impact resistance and flexural strength standards.


  • Carbon-Crafted

The main advantage of this is the precision-level of accuracy and durability that is attained.

Aside from this, it also offers an exceptional resolution surface finish with incredible aesthetics.


Prescribing the Gen4D Lucitone® Print Digital Denture is Easy 

At IDA, we value the simplicity that is offered by Lucitone® Print Digital Dentures; and this is also something we know that dentists and dental practices alike with also appreciate. 


Lucitone® Print Digital Dentures can be ordered with either digital or traditional impressions.  Below, we provide a quick overview of the prescription process for each. 

Digital Impression Prescription Process

number 1

Digital Impressions

The patient will provide a scan of both the lower and upper arches, along with the bite scan. These are then submitted. 


Approval of Try-In

IDA will provide you with the printed denture base along with the anterior denture set of teeth and the bite blocks in the posterior.



The digital denture team at IDA will fabricate and provide you with the final denture.

Traditional Impression Prescription Process

number 1

Consultation and Preliminary Impression

Using your preferential impression tray, make lower and upper preliminary impressions.

Next, you need to confirm that these impressions contain all key anatomical landmarks and pressure spots.

If not, please repeat the process until this point is satisfied. Once complete, you can send the impressions to the IDA laboratory.


Fabrication of Rims and Trays

Upon receipt, the occlusal rims and custom trays will be fabricated.


Custom-Tray Impression Taking

You will receive the rims and trays from IDA. Please ensure that you follow the steps outlined to attain a precise and accurate digital design.

Custom Tray Impressions – Recommendations and Tips for Success 

Use a custom tray of your choosing, with a selection of three impression materials.

Low viscosity, medium body, heavy/rigid body – any substitution of these materials could result in substandard results.

If your patient already wears dentures, please request that they do not wear their usual dentures for the 48-hours prior to their appointment.

This enables proper tissue conditioning before the final impression is taken.

Before taking the impressions, conduct a full inspection to make sure there is no dental adhesive remaining in the mouth.

Use tray adhesive around the borders of your custom trays, then use the heavy-body border molding impression materials.

Finally, please confirm all the impressions have the relevant anatomical landmarks and pressure spots. If not, please correct it until this point is satisfied in full.


IDA will provide you with the printed denture base along with the anterior denture set of teeth and the bite blocks in the posterior.


The digital denture team at IDA will then fabricate and provide you with the final denture.

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