Custom Shade Area

For those patients needing special attention to detail, whether it is for a single crown or a full-mouth reconstruction, IDA offers an unmatched approach to custom shade taking.

We provide a spa-like sanctuary for patients who need to visit us privately for shade-taking appointments.

Our specialist and experienced team of professionals will tend to your patients every need and make sure that they are comfortable during their time with us.

Feel free to stop by either or Tulsa or Oklahoma City facility for a tour to see our space for yourself. We always offer a warm welcome to clients and practitioners alike.

A Stress Free, Spa-Like Environment

Private Spa-Like Dental Sanctuary

At IDA, we pride ourselves on offering a completely stress-free spa-like environment to all.

Our skilled ceramists can match any shade and ensure that we get the right look and feel for your patients.

Delivering a relaxing shade-selection process is our ultimate goal.

At IDA, we have served clients nationwide for decades, and we fully appreciate the challenge and options that present when trying to find the perfect shade for a dental restoration.

Our skilled ceramists can match any shade. We maintain that we will get the right look and feel for your patients and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

You can trust the IDA ceramists to treat your patients with care, courteousness, and a level of hospitality that you can feel proud of during the selection process.

If you need help with the shade selection process, our in-house team of experienced technicians is happy to support you and your staff with any questions you may have.

We encourage you to visit our custom shade dental facility for yourself to see just how impressed your patients will be.


The Best Match for Every Patient

When you work in the service industry, quality-standards mean everything to your practice and to your patients. At IDA, our team of Ceramists always strive to surpass your expectations throughout each and every step of the shade matching service.

We believe in obtaining the closest possible match for each restoration that we provide shading for.
As fellow dental professionals with an unfaltering reputation for delivering a premium quality standard of service, you can trust the team at IDA to support you and your patients with any custom shade requirements.

If you have a question about our custom shade area, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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