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Whether you need to strengthen a damaged tooth, improve the overall appearance, fit a special shape or are trying to achieve the perfect alignment; crowns and bridges from IDA will impress even the most demanding of patients. We offer a wide range of options to suit all requests and budgets.

Our crowns are backed by a 100% guarantee on fit, every time. When you partner with us for your dental crown and bridge needs, you can feel completely reassured that your patients will be getting the very best crown and bridge products available, prepared and delivered by professionals.




Exclusively from IDA, ZircHT offers maximum strength with a lifetime guarantee. Including 1100 Mpa, unmatched shade accuracy, beautiful esthetics, a preferred shoulder margin with a minimum of 1mm clearance, quick turnaround time, and a stunning crown that is easily cementable.

Zirc HT combines IDA’s best-in-class dental laboratory standards with High Translucent Zirconia to create an unmatched quality crown and bridge solution. This is very strong dental crown and bridge solution, and a significant step up from porcelain fused to metal (PFM).



ZircEsthetic has redefined Zirconia as an esthetic anterior ceramic.

With extreme strength, stability, and beautiful esthetics, ZircE exceeds all expectations both in the anterior and posterior regions of a patient’s mouth.

Our doctors will confirm their patients have been extremely pleased with the results of all ZircEsthetic dental crown and bridge solutions.

There is no longer a need to compromise. When strength and esthetics are essential, ZircE dental crown and bridge solutions are your go-to restoration brand.

ZircEsthetic dental crown and bridge solutions are an exclusive IDA product.

BruxZir Crowns

BruxZir Zirconia

BruxZir crowns are a great solution for heavy bruxers because of their resilience. The feedback we have received consistently from our doctors is that these crowns have withstood the test of their most active, heavy bruxers.

BruxZir have a highly-natural appearance and can withstand the test of time for any patient. Whenever our doctors ask for a resilient solution, we always recommend BruxZir.

  • Great for Heavy Bruxers
  • Esthetically Pleasing
  • Resilient to Wear and Tear
  • Fast Turnaround Time

Cercon® xt ML


Cercon® xt ML is the next step in the evolution of zirconia products. translucent multilayer zirconia is the next generation of monolithic dental restorations.

Cercon® xt ML embeds unique layers that are combined into a multilayer product the ultimately provides the ideal gradient for incredible aesthetics for every restoration.

Cercon® xt ML is the latest offering of dental restoration products bringing restorations to be indistinguishable from a real tooth.  With blending transition layers and 16 classic shade options.

You can even see that VITA shades are visible right out of the disc, at the very beginning of the milling process.


IPS e.max©


IPS e.max dental crown and bridge solutions deliver the ultimate in metal-free esthetics and strength, utilizing pressable, CAD, and CAM technologies.

IPS e.max allows you to select from multiple framework materials while providing outstanding esthetics, high-strength, and more predictable shade matching.

If a high level of mechanical stability is important for you or your patient, then IPS e.max crown and bridge solutions are the right choice for you.

Porcelain Fused to Metal

IDA porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge restorations have been a long-standing, reliable solution for prosthetic dentistry for many years. The flexibility in design allows pieces of porcelain fused to metal to be utilized in many clinical situations, including parafunction and limited space scenarios./p>Porcelain fused to metal can work particularly well as either a single unit or as bridges designed to your precise specification by the in-house team of lab technicians here at IDA.

IDA offers three levels of porcelain fused to metal crown and bridge options:

  • Porcelain to High Noble (Yellow)
  • Porcelain to Non-Precious Alloy
  • Porcelain to Semi-Precious Alloy

The IDA Difference

Every member of the team at IDA share a passion to surpass the expectations of our clients and support our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We help our clients select the best dental crown and bridge solution for any patient. We do this because we know that our success is predicated on your achievements and your patient’s satisfaction.

Regardless of the products you choose for your practice and patients, you are assured of superior service and a level of professional excellence that we believe is unmatched in our industry.

The entire team is passionate about the work we do every day. Our collective mission is to create beautiful smiles for everyone we work with.

IDA crown and bridge tech

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